About Us

Suzanne Simon (Founder) 

Suzanne’s first borzoi was a rescue back in 1972, which started her unwavering passion and devotion to the breed. She took over running Borzoi Rescue back in 1982 from Mrs Betty Hargrave. The rescue was renamed Independent Borzoi Rescue. Her first rescue was a dog called Paris, he came from USA and was in quarantine, the call came from the kennels for IBR to take him as his owner did not want him. He was quiet an ugly borzoi with a parrot mouth and stood 36” at the shoulder. But a good loving home was found for him and he lived a fulfilling and active life.  

Suzanne went on to have a successful show career with borzoi developing her kennel Gatchina  She was also a Championship Show judge. On show and club committees over the years.  Sadly Suzanne lost her fight against cancer August 2018.  She is a massive and very sad loss not only to family and friends but to the world of Borzoi, she will be forever remembered and missed by people from all over the world who had any dealings with her.  Her smile that lit up the room will be in everyones hearts.

Alma Abrahams (Principle Co-Ordinator)

Alma  came fully on board in 2009 with the running of the rescue, after helping with foster and transport since 2000.  Alma’s first borzoi was a rescue back in 1989, she got her first show borzoi in 1996 who became the foundation bitch of the Jamarqui Kennel.  Alma’s kennel is 7 stong at the moment and has been very successful in the show ring. She is also a championship show judge. Serving on the Borzoi Club committee and various dog show committee.

Perry Sutton (Behavourist) 

Perry has worked for many years with GSD and Rottie Rescue in and around London and the Home Counties.  He has a natural connection with dogs and has a holistic approach to training and rehabilitation. 

We also have a wealth of home checkers and support workers throughout the UK 

IBR is here for anyone who needs help or advice about their borzoi no matter where the dog was bought from.     Please call or text 07900 982972 or email via contact page