Adoption Explained 

We have dogs who have been abandoned and dogs who have experienced cruelty - who have never known life in a loving, family home. Some may be given up by their owners because the circumstances have changed. Either way, each of our dogs comes with a story and a personality ready-made!  Some will have “baggage” you will have to be very understanding, and have a sense of humour                                

Once you and your family have decided a Borzoi is the new family companion for you, download and fill out an application form and email to Independent Borzoi Rescue.   

You may have to wait a little while for the right dog to come along for you, so you will have to be patient. Once a borzoi is available, It’s best for everyone from the household to meet the dog to rule out allergies or other issues, so you will be asked to arrange a visit at the foster home.   

Once we have your application form, we will assess from your answers if a borzoi would fit within your family dynamics, one of our adoption support volunteers will visit your home to discuss your new dog with you, and give you tips on how to proceed. For example - leaving a t-shirt or blanket at the kennels gets them used to your smell, and gives them something familiar to travel home with.

Your home visitor will give you lots of tips on any adjustments to your lifestyle that will help you and your dog to settle into a safe, secure and happy life together.

This could include information on preparing your home and garden, removing potential dangers, shopping or the right collar and lead, identification tags, food, bed and toys.   

When everyone is happy that your chosen dog is the right dog for you, and that your home is suitable and ready for it's newest addition, we will arrange for the dog to be brought to you, or for you to collect the dog from one of our foster homes.

You will receive our borzoi adoption booklet with lots of useful information to help get your new dog settled in.

Your new family member will be microchipped, spayed (this is not always possible it all depends on the bitches season) /neutered and fully vaccinated, as well as having up-to-date flea and worming treatment. This is all included in the one-off adoption fee.

We ask for a donation of  £250. Although we can't give away our dogs for free, your adoption fees cover a lot of veterinary expenses – such as microchipping and neutering – that would usually add up after buying a pet.               

Your new dog may be nervous while they get used to you and your home but be patient and don’t worry if there are a few hiccups. You will have lots of helpful advice in your dog adoption booklet on ways to help your new pet settle in. And you will also have us at the end of a phone to answer all your questions and worries 

After a few weeks, we’ll arrange for our adoption support volunteer to come and see how you are all getting on. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and get extra support if needed