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Some of our rescues at The Borzoi Club Show 

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Sergi is brother to Luca and Printz, he was very small when he came to us, and Anya is the mother of the puppies.  They have been adopted together, as you can see they have grown into stunning hounds.

Rescue works to this conclusion, happy healthy hounds in experienced homes, full of love and caring.  We run on donations from others, fund raising and sale of promotional goods.  It is hard work but when you see happy healthy hounds it makes it all worth while

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Printz has heart difficulties but he is in a home that take the very best care of him, and his condition is controlled with medication and management.

Luca is the son of Anya, he was the most affected with Barlows, but he is with a wonderful owner who has managed his difficulties wonderfully and he is an amazing boy 

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This is Cassidy he was one of many puppies bred by a puppy farmer, he had a bad start in life, kept in terrible conditions and was not given the correct nutrition. He came into rescue as a 9 month old, not socialised with people or other dogs, never been in a house or on a leash.  Four years later, he lives with two other borzoi girls in Scotland, going for long walks in pine forests and playing in brooks and springs. Life is good for Cassidy, although his tough start has left some mental scars he is a loyal loving companion to his family, human and dog

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